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2020 is destined to be remembered in history as the year that united the whole world in the face of an unprecedented situation. A year in which everyone, governments, businesses, families have been called to review their priorities and to make a common front. A complex year, but also a period of great opportunities and awareness. Pharmatechs Group has done its part, reacting promptly and vigorously, carefully reorganising every aspect of its business, reprogramming the future with an innovative spirit and the awareness that our common life needs, now more than ever, the commitment of everyone. . Pharmatechs Group is proud to be at the forefront and to be a leader in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.
Salvatore De Furia - CEO Pharmatechs Group

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Pharmatechs Group is the global partner of choice for the packaging of medicines, devices and solutions for the administration of medicines with the widest range of products for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, wellness and biotechnology sectors. We bring all kinds of medicines safely, reliably and conveniently to or in the patient. Customers and partners from all over the world approach us with new challenges. We are their solution provider with an absolute will to deliver, from concept to final product. This is how we meet the needs of our customers and their customers: the users.

We are driven to achieve our ambitious goals through a high level of competence, a focus on the quality and purpose of what we do. Thanks to the involvement of our vast international network and their industrial expertise, we know the markets and develop innovative and sustainable solutions.

We play an essential role in the health and well-being of people and we gladly accept their responsibility.

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Pharmatechs Group LTD is an industry leader in pharmaceutical packaging and medical product delivery.  

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